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Voodini on Playing Cards is a compendium of 3 different eBooks about simple Mentalism with playing cards.

You will get:

Paul Voodini´s take on the classic Out Of This World card routine. 
As you can probably imagine, in the hands of Voodini Out Of This World is shaken up and is turned into a 3 phase routine featuring a volunteer being appointed as the group's psychic, a message being delivered from the spirits, and a display of personal intuition that contains within it a subconscious message!  
With an presentational angle that incorporates the volunteers' hopes and dreams for the future, this is a great routine that you will use again and again

 No sleight of hand is required, and the eBook fully explains and describes everything required for a fun and upbeat presentation. More experienced performers would easily be able to turn this single routine into a full evening of mystery entertainment.

 Simple and classic self-working card tricks are taken and thoroughly shaken up in a way and manner that only Paul Voodini could conceive of. 
While on a trip to Bermuda, séance host and mind-reader Paul Voodini is forced to while away the hours by entertaining his fellow travellers with his favourite self-working card tricks. However, as you can imagine, the card tricks soon become demonstrations of the untapped power of the mind. Spectators are placed into light trances which allows them to tap into the intuitive parts of their brain, selected cards are used to divine the future and tell fortunes, and the power of positive thinking is demonstrated beyond doubt! This is simple magic transformed into strong magic, self-working card tricks that will simply blow your spectators away! 

All routines outlined are ideal for both close-up and parlour work. 
To the spectator, this is as close to real magic as it’s possible to get! 

Routines included: 
A Demonstration of Hypnotic Mind Reading: A spectator is placed into trance allowing the performer to access the intuitive part of her mind and thereby divine a freely chosen card. 

Psychic Aces: A spectator is placed into a light trance and manages to perform a wonderful psychic feat using playing cards! 

Do As I Don’t: A reworking of the classic self-worker using a positive visualization technique and a card “reading” for the spectator. Also includes a FULL READING SYSTEM FOR PLAYING CARDS! 

You Read My Mind: The performer reads the spectator’s mind, but then by demonstrating the power of positive thinking, the spectator reads the performer’s mind!

 And remember - this eBook also includes a full reading system for playing cards! 


This manuscript features six routines from Paul Voodini, all utilizing a marked deck. 
As well as fully explaining the routines, Paul also discusses many subtleties that allow the performer to use a marked deck with confidence and the 'tricks of the trade' that mean the spectators never suspect for a moment that there is anything 'funny' about the cards.

 The routines included are: 

The Keeper of Secrets: The performer is able to correctly divine a chosen card despite the spectator desperately trying to keep its identity a secret. 

Thought Transfer:Performer and spectator work together as a team to demonstrate ESP or thought telepathy. 

Dead Man's Eyes: It is said that a dead man's eyes record the last image they see. Could this theory be true? 

Love Thy Neighbour: The mind-reader is correctly able to predict a playing card despite the fact that neither the mind-reader nor the spectator have seen it or can have any knowledge of it! 

Secret of the Mayans: A Mayan artefact, tied in with the 2012 doomsday prediction, allows a spectator to successfully select a pre-ordained playing card. It's a mystical miracle! 

Forethought:The performer correctly predicts a cut to playing card before the cut is made!

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